Deeper PRO for bass Kayak fishing

By | December 1, 2017

Hey guys, this is Ryan with the Rut and River Pursuit Podcast.

We're here today south central Pennsylvania, Gifford Pinchot State Park.

We're gonna try something a little bit different here.

We're here with the folks from Deeper, and we are going to be hitting this lake.

It's early, so we still got a little bit of time right now, before it gets too hot.

We're gonna be looking for bass and we are gonna try to hit them top water.

We got soft plastics, that we're gonna run.

And really, what we're trying to do right now, is just find these fish, right? This is a relatively new lake for everybody here.

So, we're gonna use our Deeper systems.

Get out there try to find these fish.

What depth they're at, get these things targeted.

Let's get out there.

We're gonna get wet! Stevie's already fishing.

You can see him in the background.

You can't keep that kid off the water.

Let's get out there get fishing! OK, so, we're out here now, guys.

Finally got on the water here.

As I paddled across what I found, we're looking at pretty soft bottom as I'm looking through the screen here – bottom looks pretty soft, there's a little bit of structure here.

As warm as it is, though, water temperature right now 84 degrees.

I mean these bass, till we catch one – it's going to be cooked.

What we're gonna be doing? I'm gonna start with a little bit of top water, see if anybody's active yet, but these fish, with this temperature.

Right now I'm sitting on a little bit of structure 6 and a half foot deep.

We're not going to end up getting too aggressive of a fish, I don't think this morning.

I'm gonna try the top water see what happens, then we're gonna switch to something a little more finesse.

So, we got one in the boat already.

David Kile, I let him slip up ahead of me.

Yeah, see, these fish.

they're staying at the bottom.

They are, where the cold water is.

As cold as it can get, anyway, if your surface temperatures hitting 86 degrees.

Right now, I'm sitting over 11 foot of water.

Flat in here.

That's the other thing I'm noticing, there's not a lot of structure.

Alright guys, I think we're gonna call it a morning at least.

I gotta get something to eat.

We gotta get out of the sun a little bit, I think.

We actually put the Deeper on a lot of fish.

The Deeper got us close to the fish.

Been here half a dozen times and now I learned some stuff, that uh.

put up here in the memory bank.

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