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Fish Finder Review

Fish finder

A fishfinder or sounder is an instrumentused to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of soundenergy, as in sonar. A modern fishfinder displays measurements of reflected soundon a graphical display, allowing an operator to interpret information tolocate schools of fish, underwater debris, and the bottom of body of water. Fishfinder instruments are used both by sport and commercial fishermen. Modernelectronics allows a high degree of integration between the fishfindersystem,… Read More »

Deeper PRO for bass Kayak fishing

Hey guys, this is Ryan with the Rut and River Pursuit Podcast. We're here today south central Pennsylvania, Gifford Pinchot State Park. We're gonna try something a little bit different here. We're here with the folks from Deeper, and we are going to be hitting this lake. It's early, so we still got a little bit of time right now, before it gets too hot. We're gonna be looking for… Read More »

Lowrance Elite review

Hey guys, Jacob Scott Lowrance productexpert. And what we're going to do today is get you out on the water with thebrand new Lowrance Elite 7 Ti unit. At Lowrance, we're all about options and we liketo give you the good, better, best options. In good, we have our Lowrance HOOKseries which is a great entry-level series. That gets you on the water, ithelps you find those spots you want… Read More »

Deeper PRO Mapping

All right, so, the first thing we need todo in order to get GPS signal on this is, we're going to cast our Deeper out. Because right now, I'm not eating up any batteries, nothing like that. This thingisn't on yet, till it hits the water. So, I need to get it turned on by throwing itinto the water. And then after that I'm going to let it sit; just… Read More »

iBobber Sonar Fish Finder

Now, being able to read the water is a huge advantage as a fishermen. On the surface and lakes and rivers they all look pretty much the same. But its subsurface where it all happens. There's banks of weed, troughs, gullies, these are all brilliant fish holding spots. And it's particularly important in summer but imagine what it's like in winter when the fish really shoaled up. If you could… Read More »

Raymarine Side Vision

Hi, I'm Jim McAllen. I am US marketing manager for Fleer Maritimeand Raymarine. We're at ICAST 2014 in Orlando and I wantto show you our new CP200 Chirp Side Vision Sonar. So this is the CP200 down here. The system consists of a black box sonar moduleand our CPT200 Chirp Side Vision transducer. Now what makes this system kind of uniquein this space is it uses chirp processing technology. That… Read More »

Marine GPS Best Reviews 2017

## http://topproducts. Com/reviews/best-marine-gps. Htm TopProducts. Com Search topproducts. Com for the best productreviews online. Top Products presents, our pick for the top5 Marine GPS’s. For this review, we chose 5 brands known forquality Marine GPS’s, showcasing a variety of options that are available. At the number 5 spot is the Garmin Striker4 GPS Fish Finder chosen not only for its features, but also because of its budget friendlyprice tag. One… Read More »

Raymarine Dragonfly Marine Sonar

Hey everyone this is Jim Hands with FLIR, we'rehere at CES 2015. And it's the world debutof the new Raymarine Dragonfly 4 and 5 fish finders. Really excited about thisnew product line, we're delivering a whole new type ofsonar to a larger audience. one product we're really excited about innew dragonfly product line is the new dragonfly 4DB. The 4DB is thefirst chirp sonar for under 200 dollars. At thisprice… Read More »

FishTrax 1C Color Fish Finder

It's time to take control of your fishingadventures! Introducing the go-anywhere, do-anything, HawkEye FishTraxfish finders. With all anglers in mind, HawkEye has packed these fish finderswith the ultimate fish finding features. After one press of the powerbutton, they instantly deliver fish, bottom contour, bottom composition, water depthand water temperature readings. Each model incorporates a glare-free VirtuViewdisplay, a floatable, trollable, and boat mountable transducer, and is powered byfour triple A batteries,… Read More »