Best DSLR mic for Youtubers Review

By | November 30, 2017

today i am going to talk about a lavalier mic, which is Boya BY-M1, which is best DSLR mic under 30 dollars Which i bought from Amazon.

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so some youtubers uses their DSLR's mic, which may occurs so much noise.

some people use just their phones mic to record their audio, but there is noise too.

there is a problem that some noise also in Shotgun mic, still sound is louder and clear.

so the best option to remove noise is lavaliere mic.

if you put it in your collar it covers only 1 or 2 meter of area.

so the sound is clear.

the result is the noise from outside does not record in the video.

i am using Rode video mic go this time, you can feel little noise.

so i am going to unbox my lavalier mic – Boya BY-M1, after that i will review it.

i will find how much difference in Boya M1's sound and DSLR's mic sound.

let find out what in the box.

so it our amazon prime box.

it is good if you choose amazon prime, cuz its give you free 1 and 2 day delivery.

and with amazon prime you will be prefer to add to cart and buy first any item in their sale festival.

so i am now opening the box and show you what is into the box.

so you can see its the blue and white themed box of Boya BY-M1 Mic.

i bought it from amazon in the price of 2,400 (40 $), {but priced is slashed now to 1800 (30 $)} now this is the user guide, a soft leather bag, and one instruction note (cautions).

mean whenever you want use it with smartphone switch the button.

and never switch the button while using the boya m1 mic.

so now it is small leather pouch, which is soft and look good.

so it is silicon packet for absorbing the moisture and there is little cushion for our lavalier mike.

it is use for filter the noise from the microphone.

here is the 6.

5 mm jack's lead for DJ type machines.

but DSLR has 3.

5 mm jack.

so here is a button cell, which is going to use in our microphone.

it is clip for clipping the mic in the collar.

so you can see it is our microphone.

so now we can put this soft cushion into it for filtering some extra noise.

it is good thing that it has 20 feet wire.

so you can stand 20 feet away from your camera.

the wire is 20 feet and quality is very good.

here is the slider switch.

the one side is for camera and one for smartphone.

so i will switch to it camera, cuz we are going to use it in DSLR.

Button cell will be put in the cylinder after opening it.

mind the + and – before placing the cell.

now close it it is solid, and here is a clip which you can use to place it in pocket.

now place the collar clip.

now you are listening my DSLR's mic, there is so much noise coming from outside.

and when i was doing unbox the mic, it was also mic of DSLR.

now im going to clip my Boya By-M1 lavalier microphone on my collar.

So now you are listening sound of my Boya M1 mic.

it is clear and noise free.

now you can listen the difference between my dslr sound and boya m1 microphone sound.

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