Moto Z Play Review

– [Michael] If you're a fanof unconventional gadgets, then you already know aboutthe Moto Z line from Lenovo, the super slim smartphonesthat sprout more features as quickly as you can say Moto Mod. The thing is, those phonesare pretty expensive and they don't have the best cameras. The solution, a less expensive Moto Z and a brand new Moto Mod. I'm Michael Fisher, and thisis the Mr. Mobile review of… Read More »

Canon 80D DSLR Camera Reviews

Look at the cannon a TD specifically for video what I like about it what I don't like let's start with inside the camera the improvements that we Can't see so the sensor itself has gone from twenty point two megapixels on the 70d to twenty four point two megapixels on the ATD I'm not usually a big fan of Increasing the pixel density because I am actually Using it… Read More »

Nikon D810 Review

Nikon D810 Review | Full In-Depth review of the Nikon D810 DSLR Camera Nichkhun says that the d810 produces the best image quality of any DSLR in its history And we can't wait to put the claim to the test for high pixel count no anti-aliasing filter for better detail resolution 5 FPS shooting at full resolution against huge file sizes no Wi-Fi built-in More interference be more of an… Read More »

A Great Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Meerhab folks! Welcome to our fitness channel. Zhiyun Crane mı. T are not ready V2 let's begin. one 2nd Feel the lit The entry jingles And your Zhiyi against Crane V2 It comes with a James Bond-style bag. instruction manual is in the bag, The second side of the second micro usbl the charger, 2 1/4 clamping screw one used for externally thingumajig the others for the camera one used… Read More »

Fish finder

A fishfinder or sounder is an instrumentused to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of soundenergy, as in sonar. A modern fishfinder displays measurements of reflected soundon a graphical display, allowing an operator to interpret information tolocate schools of fish, underwater debris, and the bottom of body of water. Fishfinder instruments are used both by sport and commercial fishermen. Modernelectronics allows a high degree of integration between the fishfindersystem,… Read More »

Camera backpack Bag Review

Welcome to this video today we are going lookat the bag that I use to carry my equipment when filming the Mavic Pro Documentaries. [Music] Ok this is the bag So in this bag I've got the DSLR, microphonethe Mavic Pro, spare battery, Mono Pod and you can also put a tri-pod on there as well. On the side here you've got the mono pod you'vealso got an outside pocket… Read More »

Deeper PRO for bass Kayak fishing

Hey guys, this is Ryan with the Rut and River Pursuit Podcast. We're here today south central Pennsylvania, Gifford Pinchot State Park. We're gonna try something a little bit different here. We're here with the folks from Deeper, and we are going to be hitting this lake. It's early, so we still got a little bit of time right now, before it gets too hot. We're gonna be looking for… Read More »

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

Jared Polin: Right before we start this realworld review, if you haven't signed up for the fronknowsphoto email list, just look forthis orange box over on the website, put your name, email address in it, hit send it, andI will send you a free guide to capturing motion in low light situations. Jared Polin, froknowsphoto. Com, and this isreal world review from Berlin, Germany of the iPhone 7 plus dual-camera… Read More »

Lowrance Elite review

Hey guys, Jacob Scott Lowrance productexpert. And what we're going to do today is get you out on the water with thebrand new Lowrance Elite 7 Ti unit. At Lowrance, we're all about options and we liketo give you the good, better, best options. In good, we have our Lowrance HOOKseries which is a great entry-level series. That gets you on the water, ithelps you find those spots you want… Read More »