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Children and Young People Living for Peace is not for profit, youth  focused  voluntary movement. It is an association of youths interested in good governance.  it has its headquarter in Kaduna State and is desirous of spreading.

The association has full membership status with the Commonwealth Youth Council UK,  member International Youth Peace Group – South Korea, in line with UN Youth and member of several international bodies. We work for the good of poor and vulnerable children, young people with disability, youth and unemployment, peace building and countering extremism, climate change and environment, health and education, sport  and information technology, human right, justice and civic education, including gender based violations.   We are a new global voice for young people.

The association is open for membership in all chapters all over the world.  Our idea is that,  veritable platforms of engagement  of young people, for young people, can best be crafted by young people. That, in the next 20 years from date, we would have had presence and impact in most corners of the world. Your voice will make our voice louder.  Come join us no matter how.


We are built on core four pillars

1. Love yourself

2. Love others

3. Share the little you have no matter how small

4. Resist negative pressure all the time


Is to try and reduce violence tendencies in our society by educating and enlightening children and young people on the culture of tolerance, patience and love in their early formative years so that as they grow up they can grow up with it.

We also aimed at catering for abandoned and neglected single adolescent mothers; whom have dropped out of school due to unplanned pregnancy and see to how we can bring them back to school if she so desire. Or, empower her to learn useful skill-trade while caring for the welfare of her sibling.


Is to develop potentials in orphans, street children, disabled and children born out of wedlock for emerging global leadership role.


We see a New Nigeria! We see a new world! Free of societal ills and violence in the future. To us, nobody is born a kidnaper, a militant, armed robber, murder, fraudster, etc, but rather, all these negative tendencies/acts are learnt and taught to perfection over a period of time, at which the mind has a vast role to play in order to shape opinion and judgment.

Peace the opposite of violence can be learnt and taught. Nobody is born a peacemaker, a peace builder, a peace vanguard; these tendencies are and can be learnt and taught to perfection over time and at which the mind has a vast role to play as well. It is the understanding on how the mind of a child works that will translate our vision into concrete action. And if we are able to do this, we will together with your support and assistance, achieve the following:-

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* The relegation of violence like kidnapping, fraud, ritual killings, rioting, election thuggery etc in Nigeria without much ado.

* The re-unification of our rich cultural heritage in diversity for global peace.

* Promotion of child’s right act to policy makers as generally accepted the world over.

* Contributes to the building of a new world where there’s peace for the living.